Challenges of Latin American youth ministry in the face of corrupt structures: From a liberating pastoral to a regenerative pastoral

Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio

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The article is set against the new contexts that young people live in Latin America, especially considering the structures of corruption to which young people are more vulnerable because of their search for spaces of development and social growth. This situation poses new challenges for Latin American Youth Ministry bearing in mind that the Church institution itself has not been unaware of situations of corruption. Through a documentary analysis, from the Scriptures, through four of the Latin American Episcopal Conferences, the article aims to develop the tension between young people, society and youth pastoral, to finally present a proposal that is based on a youth process of five decades that It goes from a liberating pastoral to a regenerative pastoral, where the broken young subjects seek to be reborn in our Latin America.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 dic. 2018

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