Burnout syndrome prevalence among Latin American teachers during the pandemic

Roxana Marsollier, Cristian David Expósito, Jorge J. Varela, Rafael Miranda, Paulina Guzmán, Cindy López-Orellana

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Objective: Teaching is a profession associated with high burnout levels due to its very nature. During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers in Latin America were expected to adjust to remote teaching. The effect this had on burnout syndrome in the region during the pandemic has not been investigated. This study aimed to compare the prevalence of burnout syndrome among teachers in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru based on their work experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic Methods: A quantitative, descriptive-correlational, cross-sectional design was employed. 2,012 teachers across different educational levels answered the Spanish Burnout Inventory (SBI) using an intentional non-probabilistic sampling. Ordinal logistic regression analyses were performed to determine the occurrence of guilt linked to syndrome development Results: Differences were found in the dimensions of enthusiasm toward the job, psychological exhaustion, indolence, and guilt for the various samples, revealing Profile 1 and Profile 2. However, sociodemographic variables did not show significant differences across countries. Ordinal logistic regression analyses also revealed guilt as a predictive factor for elevated burnout levels across all countries Conclusion: The findings underscore the complex interplay between burnout and guilt among teachers during the pandemic. Specific burnout profiles were identified, emphasizing the necessity for targeted interventions. Promoting supportive work environments and tailored interventions for high-risk teacher subgroups are essential. Addressing psychosocial occupational risk factors in educational policies is crucial for fostering healthier work environments.

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PublicaciónMental Health and Prevention
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2024
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