AWS IoT analytics platform for microgrid operation management

Carlos Antonio Marino, Flavia Chinelato, Mohammad Marufuzzaman

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Microgrid (MG) represents a promising opportunity for integrating renewable energy systems with the electric power grid. However, numerous complexities need to be addressed in the process. The electrical grid is complex, vulnerable, and centralized. Thus, the integration is challenging owing to the stochastic nature of renewable energy generation, which affects the possibility of reliable forecasting. The wastage due to poor estimation of clean energy generation discourages new investments in this area. However, recent advancements in big data technologies enable processing a large amount of data captured from multiple sources in real-time. It opens the possibility of improving the operational optimization of MGs and the performance of forecasting models. The overall MG problem is formulated using a two-stage stochastic mixed-integer linear programming problem with recourse. Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT analytics platform inputs data in real-time and runs a sophisticated wind generation forecast analysis. The stochastic model is solved using the Sample Average Approximation (SAA) algorithm. The innovative methodology leads to significant improvements in the total average operating cost by integrating AWS IoT Analytics compared to traditional methods that use historical data. Computations are performed for different power-grid settings, including a power-outage, and different power generators units capacities with total operation average cost savings of 7.6% and 5.9%, respectively. Sensitivity analysis showed that the SSA algorithm could solve all the instances by providing high-quality solutions. The AWS IoT strategy outperformed at 7.7 % and 3.6% for optimality gap and CPU time, respectively. We examined an actual case in Peru for an agricultural application to assess the performance of a stochastic optimization model with a real-time IoT wind generation forecast strategy. The results revealed the following capabilities of our novel framework: (1) it can realize higher cost savings from the MG operating systems; (2) improve real-time renewable energy forecasting; (3) facilitate robust decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

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PublicaciónComputers and Industrial Engineering
EstadoPublicada - ago. 2022


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