Assessment of a Brief Standardized Obstetric Ultrasound Training Program for Individuals Without Prior Ultrasound Experience

Mariah Erlick, Thomas Marini, Kathryn Drennan, Ann Dozier, Benjamin Castaneda, Timothy Baran, Marika Toscano

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Obstetric volume sweep imaging (OB VSI) is a simple set of transducer movements guided by external body landmarks that can be taught to ultrasound-naive non-experts. This approach can increase access to ultrasound in rural/low-resources settings lacking trained sonographers. This study presents and evaluates a training program for OB VSI. Six trainees without previous formal ultrasound experience received a training program on the OB VSI protocol containing focused didactics and supervised live hands-on ultrasound scanning practice. Trainees then independently performed 194 OB VSI examinations on pregnancies >14 weeks with known prenatal ultrasound abnormalities. Images were reviewed by maternal-fetal medicine specialists for the primary outcome (protocol deviation rates) and secondary outcomes (examination quality and image quality). Protocol deviation was present in 25.8% of cases, but only 7.7% of these errors affected the diagnostic potential of the ultrasound. Error rate differences between trainees ranged from 8.6% to 53.8% (P < 0.0001). Image quality was excellent or acceptable in 88.2%, and 96.4% had image quality capable of yielding a diagnostic interpretation. The frequency of protocol deviations decreased over time in the majority of trainees, demonstrating retention of training program over time. This brief OB VSI training program for ultrasound-naive non-experts yielded operators capable of producing high-quality images capable of diagnostic interpretation after 3 hours of training. This training program could be adapted for use by local community members in low-resource/rural settings to increase access to obstetric ultrasound.

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PublicaciónUltrasound Quarterly
EstadoPublicada - 10 set. 2023


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