Appreciation of historical events and characters: Their relationship with national identity and collective self-esteem in a sample of public school teachers from the city of Lima

Jan Marc Rottenbacher De Rojas

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This study analyzes the relation between national identity and the appreciation of the characters and events of Peruvian history in a sample of public school teachers from the city of Lima (N= 99). Adapted versions of the NATID Scale (Keillor et al., 1996) and the CSES Scale (Luhtanen & Crocker, 1992) are used as measures of national identity. National pride and interest in knowing about Peruvian history are variables also included in this study. The study shows that appreciation of historical characters is more positive than appreciation of historical events. There is a positive association between national identity and appreciation of Peruvian historical characters. A multiple linear regression model is proposed; this model shows that appreciation of cultural heritage and national pride has a positive impact on the appreciation of characters of Peruvian history. Copyright 2010 by The Spanish Journal of Psychology.
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PublicaciónSpanish Journal of Psychology
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2010

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