Ancient mesopotamian glyptic products, statistics and data mining: A research proposal

Alessandro Di Ludovico, Sergio Camiz

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A stratified and complex investigation of the figurative language of a corpus of Mesopotamian glyptic artefacts will be described here. The methodologies adopted and the formal description of the products under investigation are the result of a series of experimental works carried out in the past. Two main problems have been faced in the former experiences: the proper translation into an adequately coded form of what could be observed on the artefacts and the choice and adapting of a specific investigation methodology. The development of these researches has lead to the use of different models, and also to their parallel adoption, and to the comparison of the relevant results and logistic or logical weaknesses and advantages. Here a further research course will be pursued, as a continuation of the former ones. The corpus of Ur III presentation scenes will be explored through an integration of models based on different logics.

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Subtítulo de la publicación alojada21st Century Archaeology: Concepts, Methods and Tools
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