An innovation management approach for the digital transformation of industries maturity assessment: Case studies in the peruvian mining

Yannick Patrick Carrasco Merma

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Mining is one of the main sectors of global industry; its considerable contribution to GDP, its exploration and integration projects with other economic sectors get attraction in many knowledge fields. Accurately the strategic vision for the Bicentennial looks for the consolidation of this activity in Peru. Although in recent years it has traditionally been understood that production processes miners result in commodities; there are a series of stages in the mining operation where there are various changes, reductions and transformations based on the extracted land; and that many times are not considered as an aspect of value aggregate. Thus, a key factor in understanding the technological assimilation of this activity is the recognition of Key Process Areas (KPAs) from Digital Transformation. The objective of this work is to propose a Maturity Model (MM) for Digital Transformation of Industries (IDX) according to the principles of Innovation Management (IM) and its respective applications in a specific sector. The research methodology has a character descriptive and qualitative, based on Case Studies in seven Peruvian mining companies. The unit of analysis of the study is the maturity assessment of IDX in Peruvian mining. The main research questions are: What kind of KPAs related to IM was necessary to include for the construction of the IDX MM? In what maturity level of IDX are the Peruvian mining companies? As results, the additional KPAs for the MM involved innovative capabilities instead of an innovation management framework such as: Resource Efficiency, Operational efficiency and Shared Value. On the other hand, mostly mining companies have developed different maturity levels during its IDX process.
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