Amazon in the future of South America: Identifying strategic socioenvironmental axes for the south-south cooperation

Carlos Antonio Martin Soria Dall’Orso

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This article seeks to identify opportunities for the development of public policies and environmental projects that could support the transition to the Green Economy, from a proposal that meets the needs and opportunities that Amazon offers for a diverse development, with low carbon and social, environmental and economic sustainability. It reviews the current situation of the extractive model, which has limited development of the legal and philosophical apparatus of human rights, towards a model based on the understanding of the human rights paradigm, helping to build more egalitarian relationships, providing opportunities for the development of public policies that favor the diversification of the development model and the incorporation of low carbon projects, to support the sustainability of the Amazon and its people. The key legal and institutional issues affecting indigenous and rural populations are reviewed in order to strengthen the model of diverse development, relying on the development of the skills its population has.
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