Active learning using inter-university networks in LatinAmerica with supply chain resilience projects in micro and small enterprises

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The current environment is increasingly complex, global and uncertain: a. the pandemic that our society is experiencing today; b. related to the pandemic, the effect on the economy in countries and in particular with micro and small businesses have been affected on their survival; c. and in the educational sector the impact is equally relevant, face-to-face education became digital suddenly at all levels. This situation has led to the institutions of higher education a reflection and transformation to generate impact on student learning and to contribute to the demands and needs of society. In order to address this new reality, a faculty team integrate a partnership between 3 universities in different countries Colombia, Peru and Mexico, using active learning (Lobo, 2017) and research methodology on issues of supply chain management, companies' resilience and the generation of roadmap to support the microenterprise in challenging environment (Tanco, et al 2018). The methodology consisted of: the common planning phase (definition of courses, work plan, objectives); 2. Implementation of the projects with micro enterprises (diagnosis stage, proposal and development of solution and presentation of results); 3. Application of evaluation tools in order to measure the elements of active learning present as well as the engagement of students with their discipline and their society. The results show the elements of active learning present as learning by doing (even the digital education), the socialization of the knowledge and the concern and commitment with the microenterprises, using their knowledge as industrial and logistics engineers.
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Título de la publicación alojadaInstitute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Annual Conference and Expo 2021
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2021

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