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Given that usability is one of the most important aspects of software quality, several methods have been developed in order to establish techniques capable of evaluating this attribute from early phases of the software development process. However, the choice of the most appropriate method for a particular scenario is still a difficult decision, due to the existence of a vast number of approaches that are described in the literature for this purpose. Therefore, a systematic mapping review was conducted in order to identify the most commonly used usability evaluation techniques in software developments. A total of 1169 studies were identified, of which only 215 studies were selected for this review. According to the analysis, most cases studies establish the use of usability questionnaires as assessment tool. In addition, health informatics and Web applications are the software domain and type of application that are frequently reported in these evaluations. This work has allowed to reach promising results in this area. It is intended to be a guide for specialists to support the choice of the most suitable method for a particular scenario.

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