A Study of Ecological Corridors in Two Quarters of Lima: Chorrillos and Villa El Salvador

Ana Sabogal, Maria Isabel Martinez

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The city of Lima does not have enough green areas. The origin and the aim of the green areas and parks is diverse, in this way we can identify a profile and propose a typology for parks. The tree species and their distribution have a correspondence with the decade their creation. Two spaces - one in the quarter of Chorrillos and the other in Villa El Salvador - have been analyzed. The distribution of the green areas and quality of the parks has been defined. The existence and distribution of the ecological corridors will be described in the correspondent study areas. The proposal of a new ecological corridor that will be used as a connection for the bird life will be presented for the quarter of Chorrillos. Finally, new ecological corridors will by proposed for the Chorrillos quarter. A park will be implemented as a corridor for the quarter of Villa El Salvador.
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PublicaciónPerspectives on Global Development and Technology
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2015

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