A multi-objective supplier selection model for green supply chain network under uncertainty

Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Hadis Derikvand

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Purpose: Globalization of markets and pace of technological change have caused the growing importance of paying attention to supplier selection problem. Therefore, this study aims to choose the best suppliers by providing a mathematical model for the supplier selection problem considering the green factors and stochastic parameters. This paper aims to propose a multi-objective model to identify optimal suppliers for a green supply chain network under uncertainty. Design/methodology/approach: The objective of this model is to select suppliers considering total cost, total quality parts and total greenhouse gas emissions. Also, uncertainty is tackled by stochastic programming, and the multi-objective model is solved as a single-objective model by the LP-metric method. Findings: Twelve numerical examples are provided, and a sensitivity analysis is conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the developed mathematical model. Results indicate that with increasing market numbers and final product numbers, the total objective function value and run time increase. In case that decision-makers are willing to deal with uncertainty with higher reliability, they should consider whole environmental conditions as input parameters. Therefore, when the number of scenarios increases, the total objective function value increases. Besides, the trade-off between cost function and other objective functions is studied. Also, the benefit of the stochastic programming approach is proved. To show the applicability of the proposed model, different modes are defined and compared with the proposed model, and the results demonstrate that the increasing use of recyclable parts and application of the recycling strategy yield more economic savings and less costs. Originality/value: This paper aims to present a more comprehensive model based on real-world conditions for the supplier selection problem in green supply chain under uncertainty. In addition to economic issue, environmental issue is considered from different aspects such as selecting the environment-friendly suppliers, purchasing from them and taking the probability of defective finished products and goods from suppliers into account.

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PublicaciónJournal of Modelling in Management
EstadoPublicada - 15 oct. 2018
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