A comprehensive system for healthcare technology management HTM

Luis Vilcahuamán, Mauricio Córdova, J. Kalafatovich, R. Rivas

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Current models to manage and organize technology in hospitals have evolved over the established 40or 60 years ago according to totally different circumstances of now, therefore, have a failure of origin. In the context of new technologies, it is not enough improve the outdated model, but a new model needs to be raised by re-engineering to achieve appropriate levels of clinical effectiveness, efficiency, safety, cost control and quality that users expect of the technology used in hospitals. Many of the current premises on good practices in healthcare technology management HTM provided by specialized institutions on health are impractical, because in the current processes do not have neither the human resources, nor the liability, nor the appropriate procedures for its implementation. The aim of this work is to provide a process map and their components to implement an effective HTM system in hospitals. Our initial results obtained with the support of a computer platform makes evident that the parameters of clinical effectiveness, efficiency, safety, cost control and quality can be improved, as well as, to reflect on the need to rethink the hospital organization for decision-making on technology.
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