Virtual Reality for the Enhancement of Structural Health Monitoring Experiences in Historical Constructions

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This article presents a methodology to implement a virtual reality program for historical buildings, aiming to produce a new tool for an enhanced user experience in the fields of virtual visits and scientific tourism. The proposed methodology allows the user to walk, observe, and interact with cultural heritage buildings, as well as to observe details of the implementation and results of a real time structural health monitoring system. The methodology considers, first, developing 3D models of different parts of the building using terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry. Subsequently, the models are joined and processed to produce a simpler and lighter 3D version that is suitable for virtualization using Geomagic Design X. The resulting model is inserted into a video game engine Unity 3D to create a virtual environment. Interaction capabilities for movement and option selection are added by using the SteamVR SDK that allows to use the characteristics of HTC Vive. This methodology was applied to one of the most important churches of the Andean Baroque in Peru: San Pedro Apostol of Andahuaylillas. The virtual environment aimed to display the exterior and the choir of the church, general information about the building and its contents, the location of accelerometers in the building and real time information about its structural state derived from these sensors (natural frequencies, damping coefficients, maximum and RMS accelerations). Users who tested the virtual environment agreed on the potential of this methodology for improving touristic, educational and research activities.

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  • Historical buildings
  • Structural monitoring
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual tourism
  • Visualization


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