Values and Personality as Predictors of the Appreciation for Sustainable Practices in Social and Commercial Entrepreneurs of Lima-Peru

Angela Vera Ruiz, Agustín Espinosa, María Ángela Prialé Valle

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This study sought to analyze the predictive capacity of values (Schwartz, 1992) and personality (Goldberg, 1990) regarding the appreciation of sustainable practices (APS). The APS is a dimension that indicates a person’s attitude toward sustainability, measured with a scale developed specifically for this study and applied in the context of entrepreneurial activity. Likewise, the classification capacity of the APS regarding the identification of entrepreneur profiles by type of entrepreneurship (social versus commercial) was analyzed and then compared with the classification capacity of values and personality. To this end, an intentional non-probability sample of entrepreneurs in Metropolitan Lima, previously classified as social (n= 135) or commercial (n= 198), was used. A multiple linear regression shows that the APS is predicted by self-transcendence values and the personality traits of agreeableness and intellectual openness. A binary logistic regression analysis shows that the classificatory capacity of the APS reaches 68.8% in the correct identification of cases, according to the type of venture undertaken, versus 76% for values and personality as a whole. However, the classificatory capacity of the APS is superior to that of values and personality when the dimensions of these constructs are analyzed separately. The discussion covers the classificatory capacity of the APS for the detection of socially oriented entrepreneurs as a parsimonious criterion, alternative and complementary to values and personality profiles, along with the implications of this construct for the understanding of innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship models.

Translated title of the contributionValores y Personalidad como Predictores del Aprecio por las Prácticas Sostenibles en Emprendedores Sociales y Comerciales de Lima-Perú
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-6
Number of pages6
Issue number1
StatePublished - May 2021


  • appreciation of sustainable practices
  • aprecio por prácticas sostenibles
  • emprendimiento social
  • personalidad
  • personality
  • social entrepreneurship
  • valores
  • values


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