PytuTester: RaspberryPi open-source ventilator tester

Félix Morales, Luis Bernal, Gustavo Pereira, Sandra Pérez-Buitrago, Michael Kammer, D. H. Stalder

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PytuTester is an open-source ventilator tester developed to help bio-engineers in the design and verification of new ventilator prototypes. A ventilator tester allows measuring the flow, pressure, volume, and oxygen concentration provided to the patient. During the global pandemic COVID-19, several open-source ventilators prototypes were developed; however, due to high cost and demand testers, they were not available. In this context, a low-cost tester was developed using a Raspberry Pi and medical-grade sensors for the test ventilators prototypes. This paper presents the design files, software interface, and validations tests. Our results indicate that the tester has good accuracy to evaluate the efficacy and performance of new prototypes. When tested on two ventilator designs developed in Paraguay, PytuTester reported flow profiles that were concordant with the industry-standard VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer. PytuTester was then field deployed to test several DIY ventilator designs in low-resource areas.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere00334
StatePublished - Oct 2022


  • Low-cost
  • Medical hardware
  • Open source
  • Pandemic COVID-19
  • Ventilator tester


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