Podcasting collaborations and ontological relationships of being here and there in the lower Marañón river in Peru

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This article is about podcasts and mobile phones not only as “daily technologies of life” but also as ways to convey personal stories and to do ethnographic research. However, we do not romanticize the use of digital technology for anthropological research. We use podcasts as a form to write our ethnographic work with our collaborators, and also as a way to keep in contact with our collaborators while in a global pandemic. For podcasts, we had to do several interviews and later edited them as both dialogues and individual stories. Interviews were mostly done by other digital devices such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and telephone calls. The stories in our podcast series are mostly about an Amazonian indigenous community struggling to survive the global pandemic after several oil spills and other epidemics. Podcasts create a sort of intimacy and co-presence stimulating a multimodal, sensorial experience. However, power relations do not disappear, nor did they become invisible. Rather, power relations are accommodated in the new audio/digital scenario.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)74-114
Number of pages41
JournalNew Area Studies
StatePublished - 12 Nov 2021

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