Dimensiones de la interacción e importancia del diálogo en la relación docente-estudiante

Fernando del Mastro Puccio, Oscar Augusto Sumar Albujar

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In this paper we analyze the experiences and opinions of a group of law professors about the interaction with their students. We seek to account for which dimensions of interaction are focused by teachers, in contrast to those highlighted by students in previous research. The results show that teachers emphasize the pedagogical dimension of the interaction, while students place more emphasis on the intersubjective dimension. Likewise, we notice contrasts in topics such as the opinion about student participation or the characteristics that make a teacher and a student recognizable. We also address the regulatory dimension of interaction, in problems such as plagiarism. Teachers tend to operate with a behavioral logic (punishments, reinforcements) and focused on the pedagogical (change types of evaluation to prevent students from copying). In the various points of this research, the absence of dialogue (both face-to-face and virtual) is shown as a way to understand the experience and opinion of the other and, on that basis, strengthen the interaction and deal with the problems that arise in the classroom. Although there are moments of valuable dialogue, the conceptions themselves about what happens prevail, as well as the primacy of the visual over the verbal as a vehicle to know about the other. © 2022 Authors. All rights reserved.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)189-222
Number of pages34
JournalRevista Pedagogía Universitaria y Didáctica del Derecho, Universidad de Chile
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2023

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