Determination of 12 Combustion Products, Flame Temperature and Laminar Burning Velocity of Saudi LPG Using Numerical Methods Coded in a MATLAB Application

Roberto Franco Cisneros, Freddy Jesús Rojas

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The characterization of a specific fuel has always been an important point for developing and designing new components or systems with the maximum efficient possible. Studying the laminar burning velocity can lay a necessary prerequisite for the accurate poststudy of the turbulent range and to understand how the combustion process takes place. The study of the combustion products from a specific reaction is a requisite for any system in order to understand the elements that are taken in the process and if it is possible to improve it. In this study, a new open code methodology was developed for the determination of combustion products, flame temperature and laminar burning velocity using numerical methods (Newton–Raphson, Taylor series and Gaussian elimination) in an application codified in MATLAB. The MATLAB application was applied for the study of Saudi LPG setting parameters such as initial temperature, pressure and equivalence ratio that are meaningful because they have a great effect on the results. In addition, simulation in Ansys Chemkin using San Diego and RedSD mechanisms was carried out. The results from the MATLAB application were compared with other experimental research and Ansys Chemkin simulation. These are presented in different plots and it is shown that: (1) For the laminar burning velocity results, the numerical method agrees with the experimental results for ratios (0.6–1.2) by other authors and the simulation in Ansys Chemkin. (2) For the highest studied equivalence ratios (1.3–1.7) the laminar burning velocity results between all the resources have more difference. (3) The combustion products calculated by the MATLAB application agree with those simulated in Ansys Chemkin except N and NO. (4) The MATLAB application gives a maximum value of 40.35 cm/s, that is greater than 35 ± 0.91, the one determined by Bader A. Alfarraj. (5) The flame temperature calculated by the MATLAB application overestimates that simulated in Ansys Chemkin but has the same behavior for all the calculated ratios. (6) The MATLAB application has also been developed for the study and analysis of other fuels.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4688
Issue number12
StatePublished - Jun 2023


  • Gaussian elimination
  • Newton–Raphson
  • Saudi LPG
  • Taylor series
  • burning velocity
  • combustion products
  • equivalence ratio
  • flame temperature
  • product enthalpy
  • reactant enthalpy


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