Conformal Kaehler Euclidean submanifolds

A. de Carvalho, S. Chion, M. Dajczer

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Let f:M2n→R2n+ℓ, n≥5, be a conformal immersion into Euclidean space with codimension ℓ where M2n is a Kaehler manifold of complex dimension n free of points where all sectional curvatures vanish. For codimension ℓ=1 or ℓ=2 we show that at least locally such a submanifold can always be obtained in a rather simple way, namely, from an isometric immersion of the Kaehler manifold M2n into either R2n+1 or R2n+2, the latter being a class of submanifolds already extensively studied.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101893
JournalDifferential Geometry and its Application
StatePublished - Jun 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • Conformal congruence
  • Conformal immersion
  • Real Kaehler submanifold


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