Analytical suggestions for the manufacturing of smart sensors based in amorphous nanostructures, under the Andes mountains conditions

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It is proposed in this abstract some suggestions for the manufacturing of advanced sensors (smart sensors) that are based in amorphous nanostructures in order to prepare intelligent sensors from which their transducers elaboration need specific requirements, such as in geometry and material of every sample. Moreover, it is quite important the correlation understanding between the necessities of the community or company that will operate with them. It means, the manufacturing of the transducers samples can be prepared by sputtering process, atomic load deposition and also by electrochemical reactions. Hence it is suggested to analyze the chemical components that are possible to find in the Andes mountains, also the strict compromise of the responsible residual collection of every production step and caring the environment conditions. Furthermore, it is proposed that designers could get understanding of the Andes mountains conditions, because many times it is not analyzed the geographic or climatic conditions, where there will be used the devices that require sensors for many applications such as in fishing tasks, agriculture tasks, mining tasks and public transport tasks. In this context, the advantages of the sensors based on nanostructures are supported by the robustness and short response time that give more time for active applications of the sensors as part of mechanic or mechatronic systems. This advantage helps for programming possibilities by a microcontroller in order to execute adaptive algorithms and enhancing the physical measurement tasks.
Original languageSpanish
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2023

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