A process reference model and a process assessment model to foster R&D&I management in organizations: MGPDI

Kival Chaves Weber, Cristina Filipak Machado, Renato Ferraz Machado, Ana Liddy Magalhães, Ana Marcia Debiasi Duarte, Maria Teresa Villalobos Aguayo, Cristiano Schwening, Rosane Melchionna, José Antonio Antonioni

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A strategy to foster innovation in organizations consists of the adoption of a Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) management model. This paper describes the MGPDI model focused on Process Improvement & Assessment that is applicable to any organization independently of size, type and activity. This new model is based on: (i) requirements based on innovation best practices and Brazilian and Spanish Standards; (ii) the ISO/IEC 330xx family of standards for Process Assessment; (iii) lessons learned with the Brazilian model (MPS) for software process improvement. The MGPDI model has three components: a Process Reference Model (MR-MGPDI), a Process Assessment Model (MA-MGPDI), and a Business Model (MN-MGPDI). This paper also describes the validation of this model and its pilot implementation and assessment in three Brazilian companies. In addition to its relevance in Brazil, it has a high potential for replication in other countries.
Original languageSpanish
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2017

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