A Heuristic Algorithm for Project Scheduling with Fuzzy Parameters

Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Hedieh Shakeri, Hadis Gholami, Leila Amini

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The project scheduling is of particular importance among project management issues. With the passage of time and the progress of science and the emergence of concepts such as stochastic and non-stochastic uncertainties and the need to consider these concepts in scheduling and project management, Critical Path Method has also developed as a new method with fuzzy approach, preserving its basic concepts. In this paper, the literature on calculations of project scheduling network with fuzzy approaches is reviewed, subsequently, an algorithm for project scheduling with fuzzy time and resources is developed. This algorithm first calculates the latest start times of activities under fuzzy environment, then, construct a feasible schedule by using the parallel scheduling method. In order to show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, a project scheduling problem is solved with certain amount of resources. Finally, an example was solved by the algorithm, considering fuzzy activity durations and resources.


  • Critical Path Method
  • Fuzzy Project Scheduling
  • Parallel Scheduling Scheme


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